Cat Water Fountain - Little Paws Place
Cat Water Fountain - Little Paws Place
Cat Water Fountain Video How To Use Instructions
Cat Water Fountain - Little Paws Place
Cat Water Fountain - Little Paws Place
Cat Water Fountain - Little Paws Place
Cat Water Fountain - Little Paws Place

Cat Water Fountain

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The Best and Only Cat Water Fountain You Will Ever Need!

Did you know 1 in 3 cats will suffer from kidney disease at some point in their life? Kidney diseases normally do not become noticeable until their advanced level.

Our Cat Water Fountain provides water that is filtered using our 3-layered water filter to provide clean and pure water to help your cats against potential kidney diseases. 


This Cat Water Fountain has 3 water flow settings to choose from which allows you to choose the right flow to interact with your pet so they are encouraged more water.

You know how important it is for your fur babies to drink enough water.It keeps them hydrated,prevents urinary infection and kidney disease and helps them stay as healthy. Cats aren't always enthusiastic about drinking from a regular dish,which is where pet water fountains come in.


,,Love this fountain!!! I have 3 cats. They used to dump over their water dishes and I would come home to a mess. This fountain cured it. Took them time to get used to it but now they love it. This is my 9 year old Tink… most stubborn one…. He loves it and will sit at it for 5 minutes.'' 

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Does your cat drink unfiltered water?Allowing your cat access to unfiltered water can pose various health risks in the long run.Our triple action filtration system helps prevent urinary tract conditions by purifying your cat's drinking water in no fever than 3 days.

The tray is made of SUS304 food-grade stainless steel and processed by wire drawing process to ensure it has long-lasting protection against acid and corrosion. The stainless steel tray is also sturdy and durable.

Pet water fountain can be easily spotted by your pet regardless of day or night. The LED windows can also be used to observe water levels.

Cats are delicate and need the cleanest water to stay healthy over the years to keep showing you their love in their own way.  This improves the hydration, your cat's skin health, and her fur's brightness.✨

Our Pet Water Fountain is equally popular among cats and small dogs due to its interactive design. It also has a large 2.4 liters water capacity.

Let your pet be hydrated while you are at work,if you are outside,or if you sleep,you will not have to worry about dehydratation of your pet.You can be in peace .

Reduce Strain: Bending down to drink from a traditional bowl can cause back and neck strain in pets both young and old.

Now, your little fur baby will always have fresh water. Give some love to your cats and treat them with the cat water fountain to quench their thirst, because they get thirsty too! 

Product Specifications:

Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 0.6-0.9 kg
Capacity: 2.4L/80 Oz

What's in the package:

1 x Pet Water Fountain
1 x USB charger
1 x Charcoal & Ion Exchange Resin Filter
1 x Instruction Manual

Cat Water Fountain
☑️Keep Fur Babies Happy and Healthy
☑️Super Quiet - Even Scared Cats Love It!
☑️Sink Drink without The Mess


Let your cat drink filtered water and be healthy while at the same time she can enjoy spending time beside this beautiful fountain with a flower.

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